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Top Qualities To Look For In An HR Driving Course

by Kurt Morales

With the logistics and construction industries growing exponentially, the demand for skilled drivers is also increasing. However, you need a heavy rigid vehicle licence to operate the big rigs used in the logistics and construction industries. HR licences are issued upon completing the HR course and passing the required tests. Although many trade schools offer HR driving courses, you should only enrol in one offering quality training. This article highlights qualities you should look for in an HR driving course.

Registered Training Organisation

The high number of driving trade schools in Australia makes it relatively difficult to choose where to enrol for an HR driving course. However, you can always rely on trade schools accredited by the Registered Training Organisations (RTO). The reason is that an RTO drive school adheres to Australian Quality Framework and Transport for NSW standards. Moreover, an HR driving course offered by RTOs is shorter but still thorough, enabling you to get started in the job market earlier than other drivers. RTOs also provide hands-on learning, equipping trainees with practical skills necessary for the actual job market.

Innovative HVCBA 

The Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) is an integral component of the HR driving course tests. Under HVCBA, students are assessed on areas relating to the safe operation of heavy vehicles. Notably, your licence is only upgraded when you pass the HVCBA. Although HVCBA should adhere to specific standards, trade schools can differentiate their delivery. Therefore, it is best to enrol in an HR driving course offering innovative HVCBA. For instance, tracking a trainee's progress during training is an innovative way of monitoring and improving weaknesses. In addition, trade schools can use a learner's logbook to chart and build on gradual progress. Most importantly, positive progress gives you the confidence to complete and pass an HR driving course.

Nationally Accredited Licencing

When seeking an HR driving licence, you should focus on driving heavy vehicles interstate and nationally. Typically, driving schools deliver competency-based training and assessments per the RMS Licencing process. However, some driving schools go beyond to help assessors collect more review evidence from applicants. Assessors use the evidence to address the Australian Skills Quality Authority's criteria. You are rewarded with a Statement of Attainment certificate if you pass. When you issue the SOA to the RMS, they provide you with a nationally acceptable heavy vehicle licence. Consequently, it allows you to work anywhere you want in Australia and New South Wales.