Training my employees to succeed

How to More Effectively Find Future Employees

by Kurt Morales

Most managers would agree that it can be very difficult to find and retain good staff. Some industries seem to be even more vulnerable to this high rate of turnover, and it can be difficult to maintain high levels of productivity unless a solution is found. The problem may be linked to poor recruitment techniques or even bad screening. What can you do to fix this issue in your organisation?

Social Media Reach

One way to reach new employees (especially younger ones) is to capitalise on the social media phenomenon. Like it or not, people spend several hours a day on the bigger sites, and it's likely that your future employees do as well. If you use specific techniques, you may be able to make them aware of your organisation and its benefits. You may also be able to screen their suitability at the same time through the same platform.

Advertising Spend

Some organisations may choose to engage with these platforms by creating content, articles, posts or tweets. This approach may work, but it's not a quick solution as it will take time for your content to filter through to your prospects. Instead, you may like to initiate an advertising campaign and pay to get your message in front of your ideal prospects. These platforms are very sophisticated and have algorithms that can precisely identify your ideal employee. If you allocate a budget to this, then you can approach your prospects in the right place.

Keyword Search

You can use keywords to identify potential candidates, which may help you to get in front of somebody who may never have thought about your organisation as an option. They could be perfect for the job, but you might never have come across them if you had not engaged with this type of platform.


Once you have connected with somebody who you think may be an option, then you can have a look at their social media accounts to get a feel for their background and personality. This can be valuable information to have in front of an interview and could help you to make that all-important decision in the end.

Getting Support

Social media may, therefore, be one option as you seek to make your recruitment process more effective. You will also benefit from bringing in a recruitment agency. They can suggest other options and help you manage your social media push.